MCU font generator/editor


   This program was made few years ago when I was programming my MP3 player with graphics LCD. I needed some nice fonts so I made this tool. Later it was extended for symbols up to 32x32 pixels. It allows to rasterize installed fonts and then manual editation of sybols pixel by pixel. Finished font can be saved as project for further editation and also can be exported as include files for different programming languages in various data organisations.

MCU editor/generator

   Exporter currently supports only few formats I used so far: C51 assembler, AVR assembler and C. The C version was originally made for Keil C51 but it can be easily modified for another platforms. The proram supports many different data organisations which are described in help.

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1. License

   It's freeware so you are free to use and redistribute it but only with all included files together (especially with help) without any modifications! Since it's freeware there is no warranty and you are using this SW at you own risk! If you don't agree with these terms don't use this SW.

2. Download

   Program was made in BDS2006 Turbo C++ and tested only in M$ Windows XP so I have no idea how this will work in newer OS versions. There might be some troubles with ClearType fonts so check help for possible solutions.

Version V1.00, 6.11.2011 for download: (562kB).
Version V1.10, 17.1.2015 for download: (545kB).

(c) 2012 - 2015, Stanislav Maslan - All rights reserved.

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