Serial port terminal


>>>> WARNING: very poor translation!!! <<<<

   I've made this simple terminal mainly for microcontroller debugging purposes where I often need to transfer some data in both directions. There are lot of terminals that can communicate in text mode, some can also interpret recieved data as binary types but usually it's very limited. For example only for 8/16/32 bit formats. But I often need more than 32-bits or some unusual sizes like 24-bit or 48-bit so I decided to make my own terminal.
   I don't expect that this program will be usefull for everyone but I guess there are some potential users with the same problems as I had so I decided to make this terminal free.


1. Features

   Detailed informations about this terminal can be found in its help.

2. Licence

   It's freeware so you are free to use and redistribute it but only with all included files together (especially with this help) without any modifications!
   Since it's freeware there is no warranty and you are using this SW at you own risk!
   If you don't agree with these terms don't use this SW.

3. Download

   As usually it's made in BDS2006 Turbo C++ under Windows XP but it should work properly in newer system versions also but it won't work under systems older than Win 2000 for sure (different api).
   The program is very experimental, my first try with multithreading but it seems it currently works correctly.

Version V1.36, 9.8.2017 download: (573kB).
Version V1.35, 7.4.2012 download: (538kB).
Version V1.30, 12.2.2012 download: (585kB).
Version V1.00, 21.6.2011 download: (520kB).
Version V0.90, 22.2.2011 download: (540kB).

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