Resistor combination finder


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   This simple tool is able to find series-parallel resistor combinations for desired resulting resistance. It allows to use up to three resistors in parallel and one in series.

Utility GUI

1. Usage
  1. Enter desired value and its tolerance
  2. Select topology and resistor ranges
  3. Select resistor value series E12/E24/E48

   The program will test all possible combinations and prints closest 100 results. Because I was a bit lazy the program uses brute force method instead of some clever algorithm so it might be a bit slow for some setups. Especially in case of four resistors and E48 the tolerance should be set to reasonably low value.

2. License

   It's freeware so you are free to use and redistribute it but only with all included files together (especially with help) without any modifications! Since it's freeware there is no warranty and you are using this SW at you own risk! If you don't agree with these terms don't use this SW.

3. Download

   Program was made in BDS2006 Turbo C++ and tested in Windows XP but it should work in newer versions also.

Download: (320kB).

(c) 2011-2012, Stanislav Maslan - all rights reserved.

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