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   Here are some small utilities. They are all made in BDS2006 Turbo C++ in Windoze XP, but it should work in newer version also.

1. M$ Windows Local Time setup utility

   I recently needed some way to reset time and date in my virtual machine at startup and wasn't able to find any solution for VirtualBox directly so I made my own tool which is executed at system bootup. I think it's not necessary to explain purpose of this utility. ;-)
   It's nothing more than wrapper for SetLocalTime() API function. Usage is described in read_me.txt file.

Download: SetLocalTime.zip (108kB).

2. Utility for conversion of CSV file into the GNU Octave binary format

   Recently I had to load large CSV files into GNU Octave workspace. Function csvread() works quite well in Linux version but in Windows it's terribly slow. Function csv2cell() is faster but conversion from cell array to the matrix is quite slow as well. So I decided to write a converter utility that covnerts CSV file into GNU Octave binary format that can be loaded using load('-binary', ...) function which is much faster. Usage and demo function is described in read_me.txt file.

Download: csv2octave.zip.zip (59kB).

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