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   This web is mostly aimed to electronics, microcontrollers, programmable gate arrays and general programming. Older articles are usually aimed to analog electronics and high voltage stuff and with few exceptions not translated into english. Newer articles are mostly aimed digital electronics, programming and sometimes a bit of theory.
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Actualizations (only english articles listed):

20.11.2022 - Added some photos of my vacation in Italian Brescia and surroundings.
3.11.2022 - Added few photos of my business trip to Abu Dhabi.
9.5.2022 - Added few photos from my business to Sarajevo.
25.7.2018 - Added new data set of unhatched egg for cone-beam backprojection tool.
9.8.2017 - Fixed serial terminal - problem with CR/LF termination characters for sending strings.
23.4.2017 - Added LabVIEW library for DirectSound DSDLL.
20.4.2017 - Added measurement of next batch of low-ESR capacitors.
10.2.2017 - Added measurement of next batch of low-ESR capacitors.
21.1.2017 - Added measurement of low-ESR capacitors.
2.9.2016 - Added measurement of a soundcard crosstalk using DirectSound library.
26.8.2016 - Added library for handling the soundcard using DirectSound and few examples of measurement using a soundcard.
17.1.2015 - New version of a tool for raster font generation/editation for MCUs.
10.11.2013 - New utility for conversion of CSV file into GNU Octave binary format.
5.8.2013 - Added equivalent time sampling and analog bandwidth measurement of the AVR ADC.
23.4.2013 - Added few sample data sets for cone-beam backprojection tool.
14.4.2013 - Added cone-beam backprojection tool (computed tomography).
19.3.2013 - Added ray-box instersections calculator.
15.12.2012 - New Windows local time and date setup utility.
10.10.2012 - Added discrete PID regulátor for PC with soud blaster as in/out interface.
5.6.2012 - Added experimental 640x480 TFT controller with CPLD.
15.5.2012 - Added roto-zoomer for TFT with CPLD.
13.5.2012 - Added small demo with TFT and CPLD.
7.4.2012 - Next version of my serial terminal.
12.2.2012 - New version of my serial terminal.
6.11.2011 - Added utility for raster font generation/editation for MCUs.
22.10.2011 - New S3M-player for AVR.
21.6.2011 - New version of my serial terminal.
22.2.2011 - New serial terminal program.
17.2.2011 - New tool for resistor combinations search.
22.11.2010 - New version of MOD-player for AVR.
17.7.2005 - Next update of MOD-player 2.
12.7.2005 - Update of MOD-player 2.
2.7.2005 - New version of MOD-player.